SpongeBob will never get his license

I’m sure everyone has at least heard of SpongeBob license and if he did , I wonder : where have you been the past year?

Anyway, if you’ve seen the show , you know that one of the running gags behind the show is that SpongeBob license is not the driving test and must attend school governor ( as the unit of submarine boats instead of cars ) again and again and again. I like watching the antics involved with SpongeBob crashing his ship , sending her driving instructor , Mrs. Puff , hospital, and told viewers mutilation antics , but I thought it was the blog – worthy .

So I ask you, why not get your license SpongeBob poor for Spongebob operation ?

Nautical school was many times it is not funny , but always fails his SpongeBob driving license . In the episode ” school boat ” , we can see that even Patrick can help you pass, but discover that what he did ( put a walked -talkie in his head and had Patrick will give the answers ) is deception led him not only feels very guilty , but crash … yet.

I do not understand is that even Patrick has gotten his boating license , I mean , come on. Patrick . And is delayed as all get out .

Now , there was an episode in which Mrs. Puff is fired and a new navigation monitor is placed inside SpongeBob license learn to drive , but blindfolded , but it turned out was incorrigible .

So, as the license is not that difficult (Patrick was for cries sake) , the problem should go back to SpongeBob license. – He shrugs , I guess driving is not for everyone , apparently , even though you can pedal fast enough to keep up with a unicycle car.

– Sigh – Well , I know that SpongeBob never get his license ( he once had , but it was because Mrs. Puff gave after completing some “extra points ” that was only because I was so tired of being in the class is gave ten – word essay entitled What I learned in boating school is … ” and accepted anyway, despite SpongeBob license began to panic under pressure. finally revoked, however). If it does , it will make for some more hilarious antics SpongeBob conduct involving a boat , and surely, the massive destruction . SpongeBob license if it does not … Well , the series will probably end .

SpongeBob license never get it. We all know that. There were times I came so close – but unfortunately , he failed. According to Mr. Ellensburg , SpongeBob license movie takes place after the end of every episode. Each of them, so that the program is never responsible for the Krusty Krab 4 . In the movie , SpongeBob Patrick says not licensed , so you know you will never get in the program.

Of course , the film manages to stay calm behind the wheel units Relative experience , given the way it has been before . SpongeBob license means that we know will improve.

There is an episode , do not like water too new . The ending is pretty cheap and disappointing , I think. For a second, a brief, brilliant second , I thought you might be getting your license. Or make a fun driving error and I lose what I expected. As it turned out , all the interesting things he did that earned him his license was null and void, if it was not all that. Darn . I thought the end was particularly cruel of SpongeBob license.

spongebob license

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