NaNoWriMo 2013: Want to Write a Novel?

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It’s just a few days until November, and you know what that means: National Novel Writing Month, better known ’round these parts as NaNoWriMo, is near.

Have you always wanted to write a novel?

We know some of you have been waiting all year for this month! For those of you who are new to this project, here’s the gist:

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Human Spongebob – what Spongebob would look like human

Watch the video of human spongebob

The cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants debuted in sunny California and has become an important part of American culture. The series has been the world-renowned resulted in a number of languages. Such language is Japanese, which has a surprisingly large fan of human spongebob .

In this gallery I ‘ve put together a series of illustrations of SpongeBob and illustrations Pixiv . It is a network of Japanese art online dedicated to a Japanese audience . human spongebob surprising that the quality of the work, both published by different people. This happy and carefree sponge became a caricature of rockstar even in countries halfway around the world .

I recently found a SpongeBob episode that made ​​me laugh . “Selling Out” is an episode in which Mr. Krabs sells the Krusty Crab a franchise. It is a large company and do a lot of great changes and hilarity . Watch a clip here .

First of all, I love SpongeBob . In fact, when human spongebob ask me to describe me in one word . I say SpongeBob SquarePants . , a little kwirky , sometimes obsessive , and is not afraid to be himself. Boom – that’s me in a nutshell.

Another thing I like about spongbob is dedication to your work. human spongebob was pleased to come to work every day and be the best damn cook frying could ever be. This is the true joy. I would like to do this work, even if they have not been paid and sometimes ( because Mr. Krabs cheap) is not . One of my gag on the show is that Squidward hates his job and even video Krusty Crab training is often repeated “Do not be Squidward ” (Something I would add my own policies, but unfortunately , the strength work has not caught up with the trends. )

Human Spongebob

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Spongebob Doodlebob

Spongebob Doodlebob or as called by SpongeBob , at times, was a self portrait drawn about SpongeBob that came to me. Doodlebob appeare in Frankendoodle episode . Because it was created with a magic pencil (which belonged to a human artist accidentally released at sea in Bikini Bottom , SpongeBob and Patrick found) DoodleBob came to life . SpongeBob intention of using it to play a harmless prank Squidward, only to start the fight DoodleBob drag the stylus magic , and fly like crazy , screaming incoherently . SpongeBob and Patrick have been driven from the place where he had taken up residence at a crudely drawn version of SpongeBob’s pineapple house , and when cornered him DoodleBob SpongeBob erased with magic pencil . However, without the knowledge of SpongeBob and Patrick , SpongeBob DoodleBob game lost an arm .

The arm infiltrated Spongebob Doodlebob house tonight and then used the magic pen to eat ( and also adds a few eyebrows bad ) before attacking SpongeBob. During a hunt , erases a part of your home and buttocks SpongeBob. As DoodleBob corners SpongeBob erases some and mocks him, making SpongeBob. SpongeBob DoodleBob and then fight with pen and tear apart , SpongeBob retrieves and refine your piece DoodleBob pen (when SpongeBob accidentally throws away his part out of the pen through a window in the house Squidward ) . SpongeBob corners DoodleBob once again , but when he is about to catch SpongeBob and literally wiped from existence , it gets stuck on a piece of paper and SpongeBob does this, then the capture in an empty book .

The next morning , Patrick arrives at Spongebob Doodlebob house and asked what was the noise from the night before , and go DoodleBob framed on the wall . SpongeBob tells him what happened and said DoodleBob was not bad, but rather ” two-dimensional creature trapped in the three-dimensional aquatic world , longing for a purpose.

Spongebob Doodlebob, Doodlebob game

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my eyes spongebob – The story

the story of my eyes spongebob is Celebrate the holidays in style Bob the sponge is a sponge for Christmas! SpongeBob is like nothing you’ve ever seen – on Blu-ray for the first time, as part of the Blu-ray combo pack. You will see Patrick, SpongeBob, Plankton and Bikini Bottom in better quality for even more holiday fun. The perfect gift comes with over two hours of additional content from Blu-ray, ten fan favorite episodes of the first season of SpongeBob. In addition, this set includes a second Nickelodeon – that consumers will receive a digital copy of the special title! SpongeBob fans of all ages have a lot to celebrate this holiday season!

The Blu-ray version of sale will be enabled with UltraViolet, a new way to collect, access and enjoy movies. Consumers can add movies to their digital collection in the cloud, and then stream or download – reliably and securely – to a variety of my eyes spongebob.

In SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeBob is a Christmas gift, the plankton votes for his Christmas wish – the Krabby Patty formula – turn everyone for feeding Bikini Bottom with special fruit cake evil jerktonium-tied. John Goodman guest stars as Santa. Created by Nickelodeon and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution, SpongeBob SquarePants say my eyes spongebob. He is a Christmas gift! is available on Blu-ray Combo Pack October 15, 2013 for the suggested retail price of 30.

my eyes spongebob

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Spongebob baby

Spongebob baby is in the bath , listening to the radio , but is disturbed by Spongebob and Partick playing with toys SpongeBob old baby he found in his attic. SpongeBob and Patrick behave like children when Squidward comes out and yells at them to stop making noise and act mature , but SpongeBob and Patrick do not hear what he said. But he put a toy on their land boat mobile head on the bike , which accelerated in the mailbox of Spongebob baby , what makes him hit his head there, forcing him to act like a child himself same .

A claim for medical clinic Squidward developed a mental disorder called ” Spongebob baby ” which means it is a child mentally and socially , but aging as an adult. And temporarily for the doctor if your head out of the blows to the same body part . However, later, with pineapple Spongebob baby when SpongeBob says it’s time for lunch , Patrick bad to lift his head all the way to the ceiling.

Spongebob baby reminds him that they are supposed to protect the head from Squidward , not ruin it. When SpongeBob tries to feed Squidward, who does not like his food and spit worldwide SpongeBob . Patrick licks the food in the face of SpongeBob and Squidward thanks for sharing . Then they try to entertain with games Squidward .

They begin with “Cake Kelp ” ( parody of Patty cake ), but when Spongebob baby there finally SpongeBob and Patrick hit , sending him flying through the air, and out of the house to the street. SpongeBob and Patrick are , where a truck is about to hit Squidward . The truck driver falls asleep , but Patrick Squidward is able to protect and raise the way to send the wheel of the truck. However, when Patrick put the way head finally hit Squidward . Then , SpongeBob and Patrick go back and put in a cage Squidward . He ended up crying for days. Then, a few days later , SpongeBob work with Patrick and asks if you can see Squidward , while working , but Patrick , Squidward tired of caring falls asleep at the table. Mr. Krabs informs Spongebob baby anger has the mind of a child and can not work . Mr. Krabs does not mind because he has many customers who are asking to give him his money out the door (literally). SpongeBob has an idea. Bring Squidward at the cash register and puts him in a high chair. When Spongebob baby blowing his head on the cash register tapes SpongeBob took him to the seat so it does not hit my head . When Mr. Krabs allows customers Carlo sucks in the hand and the head of a customer and SpongeBob stops . Spongebob baby gives papers to write prescriptions , but Squidward Doodles on them and throws the kitchen. SpongeBob asks if you will be there or ” goo” . SpongeBob looks out the window and sees Squidward scribbles control in the face of Nat Peterson .

Nat screams and eventually run out of the restaurant. Spongebob baby for not having a warrant. Types Squidward something then he hits the jaw at the cash register again and groaned violently. Squidward SpongeBob crying because he thinks SpongeBob yelled Pilar and embarrassed aught Pilar said . Customers notice the horrible stench of dirty diaper Squidward and Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to change .

Wherever you go to change the layer of Spongebob baby, people are sitting or condiments or foot. Mr. Krabs tells him to go to the back where the food is prepared , and change . Customers are fed up and leave. Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob Squidward for your restaurant. Shouts Spongebob baby and Mr. Krabs if not welcome , that does not rest well . Over time creeps on baby rattle snakes and Squidward in the kitchen , where Squidward bangs his head against fire pans and machines . Squidward falls and the ice machine and landed on Spongebob baby head , returning to normal . SpongeBob is relieved that Squidward is ” grown back ” and Squidward confused by what you would not grow . Notes that the use of a diaper and crowded. When SpongeBob Squidward is said would change, Carlo tells SpongeBob not say a word about this experience forever. SpongeBob then responded : Spongebob baby.

Spongebob baby

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Spongebob Pearl – the bestof

Pearl Krabs is the sister of Spongebob Pearl, and is voiced by Lori Alan .

She is a recurring character in the series was seen especially in the episode Bossy Boots and chaperone. It ‘s a whale , which means that Mr. Krabs was once married, and his mother was probably a whale. It revealed that sixteen whaling anniversary episode and Spongebob Pearl .

It seems they do not not like when Spongebob Pearl is expensive for her, because she always wants things to be like , or just to get things or expensive.

In the past , Spongebob Pearl seemed like a lot , because The Chaperone , their relationship became stronger , however , slumber party, she showed a strong aversion to SpongeBob , do not know why, but now it seemed overwhelmed by Pearl his actions. But in some episodes, they had a relationship like / hate , some fans that love it , SpongeBob and Pearl, but it is highly unlikely since Pearl is only 16. But age is questionable due to multiple mentions his birthday during the show.

Patrick ate a pearl in Krabby Patties Welcome to Bikini Bottom Triangle do not like as much as SpongeBob and Tunnel Glove , tried SpongeBob and Pearl Tunnel Glove , they were trapped in. pearl Patrick knows little or Spongebob Pearl.

Spongebob Pearl and Sandy never officially interacted , but once seen so far was in trouble when pearl bubble helped Sandy, giving air to ventilate his helmet and said mammals must stick together . And at the beginning of the episode ” Mr. Krabs on vacation ,” even if it was only a brief appearance , Sandy was seen sitting directly in front of the bead, while Mr. Krabs received worldwide (except Squidward ) excited about the history holiday trip. The fans think they are love SpongeBob competing interests . Texas was one of the villagers who wanted to stay in sand Bikini Bottom. She and the rest Sandy encouraging that she decided to stay in Bikini Bottom. They are most likely the best of friends .

Spongebob Pearl, pearl spongebob

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