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Pearl Krabs is the sister of Spongebob Pearl, and is voiced by Lori Alan .

She is a recurring character in the series was seen especially in the episode Bossy Boots and chaperone. It ‘s a whale , which means that Mr. Krabs was once married, and his mother was probably a whale. It revealed that sixteen whaling anniversary episode and Spongebob Pearl .

It seems they do not not like when Spongebob Pearl is expensive for her, because she always wants things to be like , or just to get things or expensive.

In the past , Spongebob Pearl seemed like a lot , because The Chaperone , their relationship became stronger , however , slumber party, she showed a strong aversion to SpongeBob , do not know why, but now it seemed overwhelmed by Pearl his actions. But in some episodes, they had a relationship like / hate , some fans that love it , SpongeBob and Pearl, but it is highly unlikely since Pearl is only 16. But age is questionable due to multiple mentions his birthday during the show.

Patrick ate a pearl in Krabby Patties Welcome to Bikini Bottom Triangle do not like as much as SpongeBob and Tunnel Glove , tried SpongeBob and Pearl Tunnel Glove , they were trapped in. pearl Patrick knows little or Spongebob Pearl.

Spongebob Pearl and Sandy never officially interacted , but once seen so far was in trouble when pearl bubble helped Sandy, giving air to ventilate his helmet and said mammals must stick together . And at the beginning of the episode ” Mr. Krabs on vacation ,” even if it was only a brief appearance , Sandy was seen sitting directly in front of the bead, while Mr. Krabs received worldwide (except Squidward ) excited about the history holiday trip. The fans think they are love SpongeBob competing interests . Texas was one of the villagers who wanted to stay in sand Bikini Bottom. She and the rest Sandy encouraging that she decided to stay in Bikini Bottom. They are most likely the best of friends .

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