Spongebob Doodlebob

Spongebob Doodlebob or as called by SpongeBob , at times, was a self portrait drawn about SpongeBob that came to me. Doodlebob appeare in Frankendoodle episode . Because it was created with a magic pencil (which belonged to a human artist accidentally released at sea in Bikini Bottom , SpongeBob and Patrick found) DoodleBob came to life . SpongeBob intention of using it to play a harmless prank Squidward, only to start the fight DoodleBob drag the stylus magic , and fly like crazy , screaming incoherently . SpongeBob and Patrick have been driven from the place where he had taken up residence at a crudely drawn version of SpongeBob’s pineapple house , and when cornered him DoodleBob SpongeBob erased with magic pencil . However, without the knowledge of SpongeBob and Patrick , SpongeBob DoodleBob game lost an arm .

The arm infiltrated Spongebob Doodlebob house tonight and then used the magic pen to eat ( and also adds a few eyebrows bad ) before attacking SpongeBob. During a hunt , erases a part of your home and buttocks SpongeBob. As DoodleBob corners SpongeBob erases some and mocks him, making SpongeBob. SpongeBob DoodleBob and then fight with pen and tear apart , SpongeBob retrieves and refine your piece DoodleBob pen (when SpongeBob accidentally throws away his part out of the pen through a window in the house Squidward ) . SpongeBob corners DoodleBob once again , but when he is about to catch SpongeBob and literally wiped from existence , it gets stuck on a piece of paper and SpongeBob does this, then the capture in an empty book .

The next morning , Patrick arrives at Spongebob Doodlebob house and asked what was the noise from the night before , and go DoodleBob framed on the wall . SpongeBob tells him what happened and said DoodleBob was not bad, but rather ” two-dimensional creature trapped in the three-dimensional aquatic world , longing for a purpose.

Spongebob Doodlebob, Doodlebob game

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