Spongebob eyes

The episode begins with Mr. Krabs at his desk and whistling with pickles. Spongebob eyes passes and briefly discuss the obsession with Mr. Krabs money. After the two left the room . Plankton leaving a jar of pickles . He jumps on top of the trunk of the secret formula and tries to open it. No open even Plankton studied combination . Plankton falls soon to fall. Mr. Krabs explosion and taking the plankton they eat brine and beaten and injured by plankton everywhere . About ten hours later , Spongebob eyes and Plankton arrives at the Chum Bucket when Plankton Karen suggested I should get a second look to see the safe combination more clearly as she says with one eye , which lacks depth perception . Both eye surgery results Plankton tries to turn it into a creature with many eyes combine to make a great eye . In the second test, Plankton growth eyes Plankton also has too Spongebob eyes.

SpongeBob SpongeBob Meditates by Edit Pants New Spongebob eyes becomes an eye – Spongebob operation. Finally , Karen says plankton need to mourn successfully complete the procedure , so that is crying out to be told Karen you need to start a person who has two eyes . So SpongeBob Plankton continues to mourn . After finding a field day , SpongeBob Plankton told a sad story about yourself and your milk is spilled and plankton actually did what happened in history, causing SpongeBob to mourn uncontrollably. Plankton is the tear sample was looking for and after surgery began the third , in which Karen falls SpongeBob tear fluid in the eye of the plankton. As the seeds of the face side and SpongeBob Plankton sees things as SpongeBob is indeed happy and full of optimism. He goes after the secret formula , but rather stops to admire the beauty of your surroundings Spongebob eyes.

Spongebob eyes when Plankton comes back into the Chum Bucket near the end of the day , Karen realizes that the second eye Plankton gives a split personality , which he calls ” Nice evil ” . Plankton is stubborn and refuses your request , however , and tries to refute fly the formula, but the plankton are more distracted by the bubble Bass, who was in need of a bailout from a burning building . After the rescue , Spongebob eyes is the random formula on the ground and back to Mr. Krabs as a good person , but Mr. Krabs , however , believe that plankton plays a trick . Crab is now finally realizes that there is actually – evil, and tries to remove the eye several times , but could not.

Plankton in Chum Bucket back and fall into despair and Spongebob eyes. However, a surprise party was thrown by the good deeds of plankton. It seems everyone in town is festive . As plankton hugs SpongeBob , the second drops . Plankton gets sick again and hunting revelers red infrared lasers . Plankton The episode ends with head banging on the door because his depth perception problems caused by having only one Spongebob eyes.

spongebob eyes

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