Spongebob Karate Island

SpongeBob Gary mail fish growing when local shows and tends SpongeBob video. SpongeBob plays the tape on the television , what he said was crowned “King of Karate” and told him to Spongebob Karate Island to be crowned .

SpongeBob is about to leave when he meets Sandy , who says he is happy the king of karate. Sandy does not trust this , so SpongeBob accompanies the ship. The boat stops on the island of karate, where the guru, Master Udon , welcomes SpongeBob, but ignores sand. Spongebob Karate Island to prove his skills in karate , the demand to fight better stewards Udon control . Three guards arrive and when they fight SpongeBob, who pretend to be hurt and then pretend to be defeated.

Sandy finds out, adding to his suspicions. SpongeBob is officially crowned “King of Karate” and sitting on his throne , and requires the sand to sit beside her on a chaise Logue. Sandy leaves when SpongeBob becomes arrogant pride and charged him jealous . After his departure , SpongeBob is suddenly trapped in his throne. Just as water is the head of  Spongebob Karate Island , hears the cries for help SpongeBob and she reluctantly save a copy of .

Fight for Udon sand castle , fighting an opponent on each floor with a “power” unusual ( there are three floors that Sandy has to cross ) until it clicks into the input channel upstairs, the door where SpongeBob is taken Udon hostage by the Master. Udon reveals that he is a real estate agent , and SpongeBob will not let go until he agreed to buy a timeshare condo on the island , while increasing your capital. He tells SpongeBob not the king of karate, but it could be the king of the condo. SpongeBob screams of horror and attempts to fight Udon sand, but it is a sturdy bamboo cage in it , falling fast in meditation , movement of hands whispering strange and bizarre . Master Udon tear sand clothes all torn his suit to reveal her bikini and after a brief muscle growth in their swimsuits two begin to fight , Spongebob Karate Island ( extra muscle Udon were on the eyebrows, and Sandy were in their tail) and Sandy defeats Udon kicked out of the room in the water below . Free SpongeBob, and the two leave the Karate island .

The episode of Spongebob Karate Island ends with Squidward get to the “Island of the clarinet ” to be crowned “King of the Clarinet” , and is despised by Master Udon .

spongebob karate island

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