Spongebob snail – Gary snail

Gary the Snail SpongeBob’s pet snail is expressed by Tom Kenny . Gary can not speak in sound ” meow” , while to the sea on the show commonly bark indicating that snails are the equivalent of the oceans and cats are dogs. In the program, there is only one cat : Mr. Whiskers . In some episodes Gary has learned that it is not something “meow ” , but this is rare . Spongebob snail is the seventh character in the series .

Opposite Day by Gary tried to do the opposite of their stereotypes , Spongebob snail is barking like a dog.

In The Secret Box , Spongebob snail answered the question with SpongeBob ” Meow – no” SpongeBob does not think much of it and said ” Aw , what you know you’re a snail ” SpongeBob is not recognized . ? special meaning is not the first time Gary has spoken. In the film, the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom shouted ” All Hail Plankton ” while Spongebob snail sang monotonous ” Meow plankton. “

In many episodes, it was reported that Gary is very intelligent, the biggest hint of what was to Sleepy Time, where Gary has spoken in his dream ( Spongebob snail ) and looked very old and wise. He had a large library that is a possible metaphor of intelligence. In general , because he is intelligent, not a very athletic and constant exercise and physical work has felt tired and wheezing asthma is possible . It is a domesticated pet with shapes similar to a cat, but is said to be of royal blood as seen in the article dumb . Dumb rule Interestingly , we show that Gary and Patrick are cousins WW, their fathers were brothers and Spongebob snail.

SpongeBob is suggested that Gary was when he lived with his parents as a child . As seen in Gary Takes a Bath , Gary can levitate and teleport , perhaps meaning that psychic powers run in the family of the star, Patrick also has psychic abilities. Gary does not appear even after the episode : Help Wanted until the episodes , Plankton ! and boating school. Spongebob snail has been in many places, including the Great Baja Vegas .

Gary has played a very minor role in the episode, Atlantis SquarePantis , but all family of Spongebob snail and loved ones who were partying with him present . Gary was seen blowing into a flute happy birthday paper and wearing a party hat. Gary is also a very good musician , but he was not part of the band of Squidward in episode band geeks . In the document, he played the clarinet and Squidward , and Squidward was confused by that. In procrastination, Gary played the trumpet . In a smell of something , Gary played the violin for SpongeBob cry while chopping onions because SpongeBob told .

Spongebob snail is usually left to the big house alone, and it seems it’s always good . However, have you seen this snail ? I could not. Sometimes it is very lonely . In the Spongebob movie , was left alone , probably for a week, after the morning , when the plankton was arrested , but have you seen this snail? I was starved for 20 days and one night. In the episode , Spongebob snail is clams , which was lost for three days , and ate the couch to Spongebob Death.

Spongebob snail hates bathing as seen in Gary not take a bath and Pet Sitter Pat . In the second, Patrick wants to wash Gary . SpongeBob uses many free methods such as Dollar , Boomerang Pet Ball , etc.

Spongebob snail

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