Spongebob baby

Spongebob baby is in the bath , listening to the radio , but is disturbed by Spongebob and Partick playing with toys SpongeBob old baby he found in his attic. SpongeBob and Patrick behave like children when Squidward comes out and yells at them to stop making noise and act mature , but SpongeBob and Patrick do not hear what he said. But he put a toy on their land boat mobile head on the bike , which accelerated in the mailbox of Spongebob baby , what makes him hit his head there, forcing him to act like a child himself same .

A claim for medical clinic Squidward developed a mental disorder called ” Spongebob baby ” which means it is a child mentally and socially , but aging as an adult. And temporarily for the doctor if your head out of the blows to the same body part . However, later, with pineapple Spongebob baby when SpongeBob says it’s time for lunch , Patrick bad to lift his head all the way to the ceiling.

Spongebob baby reminds him that they are supposed to protect the head from Squidward , not ruin it. When SpongeBob tries to feed Squidward, who does not like his food and spit worldwide SpongeBob . Patrick licks the food in the face of SpongeBob and Squidward thanks for sharing . Then they try to entertain with games Squidward .

They begin with “Cake Kelp ” ( parody of Patty cake ), but when Spongebob baby there finally SpongeBob and Patrick hit , sending him flying through the air, and out of the house to the street. SpongeBob and Patrick are , where a truck is about to hit Squidward . The truck driver falls asleep , but Patrick Squidward is able to protect and raise the way to send the wheel of the truck. However, when Patrick put the way head finally hit Squidward . Then , SpongeBob and Patrick go back and put in a cage Squidward . He ended up crying for days. Then, a few days later , SpongeBob work with Patrick and asks if you can see Squidward , while working , but Patrick , Squidward tired of caring falls asleep at the table. Mr. Krabs informs Spongebob baby anger has the mind of a child and can not work . Mr. Krabs does not mind because he has many customers who are asking to give him his money out the door (literally). SpongeBob has an idea. Bring Squidward at the cash register and puts him in a high chair. When Spongebob baby blowing his head on the cash register tapes SpongeBob took him to the seat so it does not hit my head . When Mr. Krabs allows customers Carlo sucks in the hand and the head of a customer and SpongeBob stops . Spongebob baby gives papers to write prescriptions , but Squidward Doodles on them and throws the kitchen. SpongeBob asks if you will be there or ” goo” . SpongeBob looks out the window and sees Squidward scribbles control in the face of Nat Peterson .

Nat screams and eventually run out of the restaurant. Spongebob baby for not having a warrant. Types Squidward something then he hits the jaw at the cash register again and groaned violently. Squidward SpongeBob crying because he thinks SpongeBob yelled Pilar and embarrassed aught Pilar said . Customers notice the horrible stench of dirty diaper Squidward and Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to change .

Wherever you go to change the layer of Spongebob baby, people are sitting or condiments or foot. Mr. Krabs tells him to go to the back where the food is prepared , and change . Customers are fed up and leave. Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob Squidward for your restaurant. Shouts Spongebob baby and Mr. Krabs if not welcome , that does not rest well . Over time creeps on baby rattle snakes and Squidward in the kitchen , where Squidward bangs his head against fire pans and machines . Squidward falls and the ice machine and landed on Spongebob baby head , returning to normal . SpongeBob is relieved that Squidward is ” grown back ” and Squidward confused by what you would not grow . Notes that the use of a diaper and crowded. When SpongeBob Squidward is said would change, Carlo tells SpongeBob not say a word about this experience forever. SpongeBob then responded : Spongebob baby.

Spongebob baby

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